Squarespace bitcoin, Flaunt7 Review: Find Out If It’s the Right Web Hosting For You (2021)

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squarespace bitcoin

They're not even able to solve simple database Daugiau issues for their PostgreSQL hosting. This is the 11th day of our purchase and we've not been able to get any satisfactory resolution for our issues. All we get are arbitrary, vague and arrogant replies.

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The support staff sucks and their response sucks even more. We dialled the local India support number but no one responds; all we hear is their irritating IVRS which blabbers a lot and then gets disconnected.

squarespace bitcoin

We had to make an international call to the US Support number. We spoke to 3 agents, everytime a different one.

squarespace bitcoin

All they could do was escalate the issue. Till date we have no resolution and this is very shameful on the part of A2 Hosting to squarespace bitcoin around customers. This was not the A2 Hosting that I knew earlier. Earlier, they were very professional and now some jokers are just warming the seats doing nothing.

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Totally incompetent and incapable support system. They only give support by "Tickets", and have clearly said that they cannot give telephonic support or by remote connections to my machine so that we can resolve issues.

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They're simply squarespace bitcoin interested in resolution of any issue and are wasting people's time and money. I wouldn't ever reccommend A2 Hosting to anyone ever in my lifetime. See the attached transcript of all the communications happened via tickets.

squarespace bitcoin

This highlights the incompetence of A2 Hosting. I have deliberately not sanitized any part of the transcript so that what we say can be verified and validated as the truth.

squarespace bitcoin